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Smart Homes On a Budget

Tinxy Smart Home devices aim at providing simple solutions to make your lives easier and better. We are headed to 2019 and slowly our way of living is evolving . Humans have become smarter and more efficient. Day to day tasks are now fulfilled with the help of latest technologies that uses Artificial Intelligence, which is the way of life in future.

Smart Homes represents the cluster of human comfort, energy efficiency and enviable luxury. We at Tinxy aim at providing all these solutions at an affordable price.

We are constantly innovating and providing solutions to you. Our product Tinxy WIFI Door lock is one such solution and 2019 is the year to bring a vast  catalogue of  products into your homes.

Tinxy wifi door lock  is the device which connects with wifi or mobile hotspots.


  1. Open your door lock through your mobile(Wifi/3G/4G) compatible with Android and IOS from anywhere in the world.
  2. Share access with all your family members and create as many digital keys as you want.
  3. Safe and secure: There will be only one admin who can add or remove people who can share access and the lock is protected with passwords . The admin can also check logs who at what time opened locks.
  4. No hassle of carrying keys 
  5. Reduce Waiting Time to  look in for someone to open the lock for you.
  6. Easy Installation:  The product is very easy to install , it just needs internet connection(wifi or mobile hotspot).
  7. One year Warranty. Installation not included.
  8.  24*7  Customer service and After Sales Services because your satisfaction is our goal.
  9. To get more details and updates about installation and demo of the product please subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

What are you waiting for? Tinxy wifi door lock is available at or To buy this product please Click Here.


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